The Shocking Amount Of Money China Square Makes In Day

China square has closed shop.This follows the sentiments made by Moses Kuria, who is the CS for trade.

Kenyatta University constructed the UniCity mall, and China Square was the center of attention in Nairobi.
Kenyans from all over the country have been flooding the China Square area to shop.
This is in response to Kenyans spreading the word that the store offers its goods at a reasonably reasonable cost.

Lei Cheng, aka Charlie, the proprietor of China Square, revealed to Nation that he made his first trip to Kenya in September 2022.
He visited several supermarkets and, to his astonishment, discovered that Kenyans sold cheap things from China expensively.

The 37-year-old took a flight back to his native country after spotting a business potential.

He managed to persuade some suppliers to open a store in Kenya.
After the company’s launch on January 29, according to Cheng , business took off.

In the first two weeks of operation, he generated KSh 20 million in sales.
But on Saturday, February 25, the entrepreneur revealed that their sales volumes had more than doubled.

He attributes this to clever market pricing and recommendations from prior customers.
On a terrible day, according to Cheng, they now sell things worth KSh 10 million. There are 130 people working at the business right now.
Moses Kuria, cabinet secretary for investments, trade, and industry, appears to be displeased with the store’s business strategy.
Kuria revealed plans to close the business in a move that received mixed reviews online.

The CS announced on Twitter that he would ask Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor China Square set them aside for local vendors.


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