The Secret Late Mutula Kilonzo Passed On To Lawyer Ahmed Nassir That Made Him Super Rich

The late Mutula Kilonzo senior was the senator for Makueni county and a famous lawyer that was representing the powerful Kanu regime. Mutula Kilonzo was top of his game when it came to law and politics. He was sadly found dead in his room under unclear circumstances that many Kenyans have never come to terms with.

His influence in the legal and political circles was so inspiring to the young amateur lawyers that were struggling to find their space in the profession. One such lawyer is Ahmednassir Abdullahi commonly known as the grand muller.

Ahmednassir is a very prominent lawyer in Nairobi who has worked his way up from the grass to grace. Grand muller came from a poor family in Mandera and he went on to be one of the best legal minds in the country. This is because of his sheer determination to make it in life.

During an interview with Churchill, the grand Mueller revealed that it was Mutula Kilionzo that made him who he is now on professional terms. This happened when he joined Kenya school of law after his law degree where Mutula Kilonzo was teaching professional ethics.
Mutula advised them to charge clients highly because when you charge your client exorbitantly, they will love you more and keep coming back because they take pride in expensive lawyers.

Ahmednassir went further to explain that this one secret shared by the successful Mutula then changed his approach when dealing with clients and it has earned him a fortune.
Most people think that lawyers who represent high profile criminals and corporates like Cliff Ombeta are the ones that make enough money but the grand Muller doesn’t represent corporates, blue-chip companies, or criminals.

He only does commercial law and from individuals who walk into his office seeking his legal services but he is making a killing. Ahmednassir is now a rich lawyer with luxurious cars, a palatial and humongous home that is very well-manicured and beautiful.
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