The Real Reason KDF Officer’s Wife Poisoned Her 3 Children And Hanged Herself

The Real Reason Why The KDF Officer's Wife Poisoned Her 3 Children And Hanged Herself

KDF officer’s wife, Mollen Akinyi, poisoned her three children and hanged herself following a personal dispute.
New information has emerged concerning the family problems that led to the late Mollen Akinyi to kill herself and children.

According to a police investigation, the couple was having marital problems and Akinyi attempted to poison their 3 children in 2021.

Prompt intervention by neighbors protected the youngsters from poisoning before they evacuated them to a safe place.

However, the KDF soldier, who was on a deployment in Somalia, stepped in and saw that they restored his children to their mother.
Akinyi had complained about her husband’s reduced stipend, which made it difficult for her to care for the couple’s three children.
“The decision to put the children in the safe house enraged him. Since he insisted on their being with their mother.

He wanted this before he returned to the mission in Somalia,” a source close to the situation told Sunday Nation.

They had also detained Akinyi for interrogation around the same time.

This is after she called her husband and threatened to murder herself and the children.

Akinyi wrote a suicide note, which is currently being investigated by police.

In the note, she stated her husband had decreased her monthly payment from Ksh18,000 to Ksh10,000.

The children were ten years old, six years old, and one-year-old, respectively.

“She went missing around 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday.”

Her home was attracting flies, and her children were refusing to attend school.

“We summoned an agent who broke in and found her hanging,” a neighbor said, and his testimony was backed by Gilgil OCPD John Onditi.

After poisoning the three children, Akinyi must have hung herself with a rope, he reasoned.

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