The Photo Of Jalango And Kamene Goro That Has Spurred Controversy! His Wife Won’t Like It

Phelix Odiwuor, best known by his stage name Jalango is a man wearing many hats. When he is not hosting radio, he is emceeing a cooperate event, or hosting a guest on his popular YouTube channel called Jalango TV.

There is no doubt that the former Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula actor and Kamene Goro make one of the most followed radio duos in the country.

Despite being extremely funny, Jalas is also quite philanthropic. He recently decided to try the dreaded mucky waters of Kenyan politics. He is vying for the Langata Constituency parliamentary seat come 2022.

That is why each of his social media posts is scrutinized to the last detail. There is this photo he posted on his IG account posing with Kamene in a manner that is rather too cozy. He captioned the photo with a catchy tagline saying, “When friendship turns to business. Kamene Goro is my boss today.”

This was after the two hosted a show dubbed ‘This Is Africa’ at Voyager Beach Resort in Nyali Beach, Mombasa.

Kamene posted the same photo on her own IG account thanking Jalango for always supporting her dreams. It looks like she is the one that got the gig for them.

But Jalango’s fans could not let him breathe as they thought the photo was rather inappropriate. Check out the photo in question below;

Here are some of the comments on the picture;

@dan_malls said, “Mwanamke rafiki ni kama kufuga kuku, kuna siku atakuwa kitoweo.😃”

@martin_ritzee quipped, “Kuna venye mmeanza kufanana.”

@mutinda_maingi remarked, “Na si Jalango uko na mke mzuri, Kama ataona hio picha na akuongeleshe.”

@tedabnner wrote, “How does your wife feels when she sees pictures like this,manze acha izo bro😢😢😢😢”

What do you think about the photo? Do you think Jalango’s wife Amina Chao will like it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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