The Multimillion Deals Bahati and His Wife Daina Have Signed So Far in 2021

If there is a family that is doing very well with brand ambassadorial deals, then it is the Bahatis. The 27-year-old singer has perfected the art of marketing himself and his family.

His 33-year-old wife Diana Marwa has not been left behind in making significant contributions to the family. Her YouTube channel is approaching a fan base of almost a half a million subscribers.

The vlogs normally posted on their channel attract very decent viewership. That means that they earn a fortune from their partnership with Google AdSense.

Apart from the payment that comes from YouTube Ads, they have many other streams of income. But a good percentage comes from their brand ambassadorial jobs.

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This year alone, they have landed many of such deals but here are the three most notable ones;

  1. Zunguka Africa Safaris

Before signing a deal with this travel and tours company, the Bahatis were working with Simon Kabu’s Bonfire Adventures and Events Company. It is not clear whether they are still working with the Kabus or their business relationship was severed.

Diana’s IG account is full of deals from Zunguka Africa Safaris and it seems the deal was too good to turn down.

  1. Raha Premium Maize Meal

Diana was excited to announce the deal with this maize meal manufacturing company recently.

“This is a big win for the Bahatis. We are happy to announce that we signed another million deal. We are officially the brand ambassadors of Raha Premium Maize meal,” wrote an excited Diana.

According to Mama Heaven, nothing compares to the quality of the maize flour and she urged her fans to join them in enjoying the product.

  1. Komarock Modern Healthcare

The Bahatis also announced recently that they are now brand ambassadors of the private health facility based in Nairobi.

The management of the facility took to their Facebook page to announce that Diana had chosen the facility to handle her sister Mitchel’s delivery.

“In Komarock Modern Healthcare, the standards of healthcare services are unmatched,” wrote Bahati’s wife.

The deals are evidence that Bahati and his family are doing well financially. The income from shows and music sales is now a side hustle for him.

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