The Lady That Pleaded For Help On Facebook At Mbagathi Due To Lack Of Oxygen Has Died Today

Fiona Juma sent a plea through her Facebook account to well-wishers and doctors to help save her life at Mbagathi hospital where she was battling covid 19. Her oxygen saturations were about 50% and she was in desperate need of oxygen because Mbagathi hospital had run out of the essential commodity.

Desperate Fiona witnessed people die in the ward as they were gasping for air due to lack of oxygen and anxiety. Oxygen is required in the body because it is the one that oxidizes food materials in all living cells to produce energy. That explained why Fiona could no longer walk, leave alone speak. She simply did not have the energy.

This is the sad state in most public health facilities as the country faces a spike in the COVID-19 cases. The government is overwhelmed. The private health facilities are charging an arm and a leg to treat COVID-19.
Some patients from poor backgrounds have stared at the jaws of death since they cannot afford to be even admitted to private hospitals.

Reports reaching us are that the lady has finally succumbed to the deadly virus. This is according to a man that knows her very well who went to social media and posted the sad news. We have lost a young person in Fiona who had a bright future ahead of her because her government was so negligent and irresponsible.

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This is sad because the government had borrowed billions of shillings to deal with the pandemic but a year later we are still not prepared. How can a Kenyan die because of a lack of oxygen? That is so disappointing.

Kenyans should be very afraid of what is awaiting them should they contract the deadly delta variant that is more contagious and so aggressive.

Experts have warned that the Delta variant is now well established in our communities and we should not lay down our guard. Let’s all-purpose to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines in order to protect our families.

The government now should prioritize massive vaccination to reduce the infection and death rates because it is obvious that these guidelines put down by the ministry are not working.


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