The Gods Were Against Him: What Happened To Agnes Tirop Husband Moments Before He Was Arrested

The Gods Were Against Him: What Happened To Agnes Tirop Husband Moments Before He Was Arrested

The DCI has apprehended the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Agnes Tirop, the world’s 5,000m record holder.

They apprehended Ibrahim Rotich, the athlete’s boyfriend, in Changamwe, Mombasa County.

This happened as he attempted to flee to a neighboring country to avoid justice.

He’s been on the run for a few days after brutally murdering Agnes Tirop during a marital dispute.

The pair had marital problems for most of this year, according to investigators.

Agnes Tirop had already moved out of her rural home and into a rented flat.

The two were seeking to overcome their issues, according to investigators, and had made substantial progress.

The day before, Kipleting had brought Agnes Tirop to their rural home, and the two lovebirds spent most time together.

They appeared to be in good spirits, and everything appeared to be in order.

They suspect Rotich of stabbing the two-time World Athletics Championships bronze medalist before fleeing to safety.

The DCI discovered Tirop’s lifeless body in her bed in Iten on Wednesday morning, with stab marks showing on her belly.

The Gods Were Against The Husband OF Tirop As He Attempted To Escape

Rotich had slammed his getaway vehicle into a lorry at Mlolongo, along Mombasa Road, earlier in the day, around midday.

He was desperately trying to escape from DCI dragnet.

He escaped unharmed, but in his haste to avoid prison for murdering his lover, he drove away without stopping to survey the damage.

According to eyewitnesses in Mlolongo, this is the case. This, however, betrayed his secret because the Gods were against him.

He made his way to Mombasa, but cops were hot on his tail, and they captured him in Changamwe, Mombasa county.

Detectives at Changamwe police station are questioning the suspect for more information about the incident.

They will then present him to court to face murder charges.


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