The Amount Of Money You Need To Shave At Betty Kyalo Barber Shop

Betty Kyalo is a former television news anchor who worked for KTN and K24 TV.

She left her job as a news anchor at K24 to start her own company.

Betty Kyalo owns and operates a high-end salon and barbershop in Kilimani.

Her brand has also developed because of her social media pages and YouTube channel.

The mother of one has been supporting many businesses, and the multiple sponsorship deals she has received show that she is now a massive brand.

Although she has had little luck with men, she has excelled in business.

The stunning damsel has resorted to social media today to reassure her admirers that, although I thought her salon to be for the wealthy and powerful, her pricing is quite reasonable.

A guy will pay 1000 Kenyan shillings for a haircut at Betty Kyalo salon, while women will have to dig a little deeper because their hair cut is a little more pricey at 2k.

Betty Kyalo has given a price list for all the services they provide:

 The Amount Of Money You Will Need To Shave At Betty Kyalo Barber Shop

5 Traits All Women Who Cheat Have In Common

Women who cheat have several characteristics that most men choose to ignore or are just unaware of.

Cheating is a major social issue everyone is talking about since it destroys families and lives.

We all understand why individuals cheat, but some men are unaware that you can tell whether a lady is lying.

What’s fascinating is that most women who cheat on their husbands share similar characteristics.

This will aid the boy youngster in identifying them and avoiding them at all costs.

The following is a list of characteristics that these women share:

1. Something always distracted them

Women who cheat are no longer interested in what you have to say or do.

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