The 6 Police Officers That Killed The Kianjokoma Brothers Have Been Arrested(Video)

The police officers involved in the brutal murder of the Kianjokoma brothers have been arrested after the DPP decided to open charges against them.

The six officers have been identified as corporal Benson Mputhia, Consolata Kariuki, PC Martin Wanyama, PC Lilian Cherono, PC Nicholas Sang, and PC James Mwaniki.

The officers were brought before the Milimani law courts. The two brothers are represented by the Law Society of Kenya led by their president Nelson Havi.

If the DPP will prove his case in court then the six police officers will be sentenced to life in prison for killing the two brothers.

Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura died mysteriously in the hands of the police but autopsy results showed they succumbed to blunt severe head injuries.

The two have since been buried in their father’s farm in Kathangari, Kianjokoma in Embu County. The independent police oversight authority (IPOA) had recommended for their suspension pending investigations enforcing what the inspector of police Hillary Mutyiambai had earlier ordered.

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The director of public prosecution has filed a case against the 6 suspects with murder charges, use of excessive force, and negligence while on duty .

Arresting the six police officers and charge them before a court of law is a clear sign that the Kianjokoma brothers will get the justice they deserve after the rogue cops who are supposed to offer security to them took their young lives in a very brutal manner.

What has just happened to the officers is sending a clear warning to other rogue cops that nobody is above the law and taking an innocent life of a Kenyan just because you are a police officer will not help you to evade justice.

The recent killings help to remind Kenyans that our security is not guaranteed by the Government and we need to continue demanding for the best from the leaders we elected to legislate the best laws that will improve governance and security of all Kenyans.

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