Tensions rise as a Kamiti Prison Warden is assassinated in cold blood.

Tensions rise as a Kamiti Prison Warden is assassinated in cold blood.

Kamiti jail has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons.

Three dangerous convicted terrorists violated the security and order of the respected prison.

They shattered a block in the cell wall and used blanket ropes to scale the prison’s high walls.

After the people alerted the police officers in the region, they arrested the criminals in Enzo woodland in Kitu county.

The three prisoners were attempting to gain entry to Boni forest in order to make their way to Somalia.

The Kamiti prison breach revealed a culture of complacency among prison warders.

It enraged President Uhuru Kenyatta at the incident and fired the head of prisons, Wycliffe Ogalo, as well as ten other prison warders.

The cops are in custody as they await charges in a criminal court for infractions and assisting terrorists in eluding capture.


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Kenyans are still perplexed how the three dangerous terrorists could flee with no one noticing.

The DCI has offered a reward of 60 million shillings to anyone who can provide information regarding the culprits’ whereabouts.

It will fascinate to see if the DCI keeps their end of the bargain and pays the 60 million shillings to Kitui residents.

Just as the dust settled, they discovered the body of a Kamiti jail warden in his home.

His neighbors discovered Jonathan Korir Kipkemoi in a pool of blood in his residence in the staff quarters.

The deceased died because of a suspected knife wound after unknown intruders slashed his throat.

The reason for his death is still a mystery, and Kenyans do not know if it has anything to do with the freed terrorists.

Government pathologist has taken his body to the mortuary for postmortem preservation.

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