Teachers New Salary Scale From TSC

teacher salary scale

Teachers are among the public servants who frequently strike over compensation difficulties;

For a long time, TSC ignores MOUs and CBAs from teacher until the Teachers Service Commission altered salary scales.
According to a circular issued by the TSC, it enumerates the wage increases for teachers in several work groups.

This includes for secondary and primary school instructors.
Salary Scales for Teachers on the Service Commission
Teachers service commission wage scales follow job categories such as ‘H,’ ‘J,’ ‘K,’ ‘L,’ ‘M,’ and ‘N.’

TSC has retroactively extended T-Scale 13 in Grade D3, T-Scale 12 in Grade D2, and T-Scale 9 in Grade C4 beginning July 1, 2017.

They classify the elongated scales as Job Groups ‘H’ to ‘N’.

The implementation cycle is underway because of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that teachers signed in 2016.

2021 was the last year of implementation. According to the Commission, besides extending the compensation scales for tutors.

These tutors are in Teacher-Scale 13, T-Scale 12, and T-Scale 9,
TSC has updated the Hardship, Commuter, and Annual Leave allowances under Circular 09/2014, which was issued on July 16th, 2014.

The remaining allowances remain unchanged. TSC Primary Teacher Salary Scale.

Teachers TSC Salary Scale: Grade D3

The Commission Secretary notes in a Circular that Principals and Deputy Principals II in Grade D3 (T-Scale 13–Job Group ‘M’ to ‘N’) to get a rise.

Effective July 1st, 2017, they will receive a minimum of Shs59, 286 rising to a maximum of Shs83, 717 on a new scale.
Previously, their highest limit was Shs77,840. However, the total responsibility allowance for this cadre of teachers will be between Shs104, 644 and Shs125, 573
Principals of Sub-County Boarding Schools, Principals of Sub-Country Day School, and Deputy Principals of Extra-County Schools are for Grade D3.
TSC Teacher Salary Scale: D2 grade
Backdated from July 1st, 2017, Deputy Principals III and Senior Master I in Grade D2 (T-Scale 12–Job Group ‘N’) will receive Shs59, 286 and up to Shs80, 242 on a new scale.

Previously, their highest limit was Shs77,840. This group of teachers, however, will earn between Sh91, 041 and Sh109, 249 per month, inclusive of responsibility allowance.
Deputy Principals of National Schools and Deputy Principals of Sub-County Boarding Schools make up Grade D2.

C4 grading

Senior Master IV, Senior Lecturer IV, and Deputy Head Teacher II (T-Scale 9 – Job Group ‘G’, ‘H’, ‘J’, ‘K’, and ‘L’)

They backdated this from July 1st, 2017 will receive Shs26,610, rising to a maximum of Shs46,912 under a new scale. Their previous high was Shs47, 896.
The Commission informed all teachers and stakeholders that the wage for teachers in T-Scale 13, T-Scale 12, and T-Scale 9 had not been extended.

They have lengthened wage scales in response to the recent announcement of a new salary matrix and grading system for instructors in the Public Service.
P1 teachers, the lowest grade in the Teaching Service at Job Group ‘G,’ phased out under the new regime.
This group of tutors will now be Primary Teachers II, and they will work in Grade B5, which is like Job Group ‘H.’
They will receive a minimum of Shs24,250 and a maximum of Shs27,195.

Before the wage increases took effect on July 1st, 2017, they were earning Shs21,304.

Civil Service Teachers     Basic Salary       Common Allowances       Gross Salary
Job Group Designation
Min. Max. House Commuter Min. Max.
G P1 16,692 21,304 5,000 4,000 25,692 30,304
H ATS IV 19,323 24,662 5,000 4,000 28,323 33,662
J GAT III 24,662 29,918 6,000 4,000 34,662 39,918
K GAT II 31,020 41,590 10,000 5,000 46,020 56,590
L GAT I 35,910 45,880 20,000 6,000 61,910 71,880
M Senior GAT 41,590 55,840 20,000 8,000 69,590 83,840
N Principal GAT II 48,190 65,290 24,000 8,000 80,190 97,290
P Principal GAT I 77,527 103,894 40,000 12,000 129,527 155,894
Q Senior Principal 89,748 120,270 40,000 14,000 143,748 174,270
R Chief Principal 109,089 144,928 40,000 16,000 165,089 200,928


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