Sudi Reveals How Uhuru Humiliated Ruto At The Airport And Blocked Him From Travelling To Uganda

Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has this evening revealed how the deputy president was humiliated at the Wilson Airport. He waited for more than 5 hours at the airport waiting to be cleared from the office of the president.

 The deputy president decided to go back home when it was apparent that he was not going to be allowed to travel to Uganda. The deputy president was accompanied by Oscar Sudi and Ndindi Nyoro but the latter two were cleared by the speaker of the national assembly Justin Muturi since they are employees of the parliamentary service commission. 

According to Sudi, president Uhuru refused to allow the deputy president to travel due to reasons best known to him. This is set to cause a new political tussle between the two once bosom buddies turned enemies. The latest development is a confirmation that Ruto will get it rough in the coming months as we move closer to the general elections in 2022.

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Blogger Robert Alai had earlier indicated the same but people dismissed him as an ODM sympathizer but now that Sudi who is a close ally of the deputy president has confirmed the same, then it is only fair to acknowledge Robert Alai’s ability to get confidential information regarding powerful men in government. The blogger had indicated that Ruto was restricted from traveling after it emerged that he is allegedly laundering money in the neighboring country.

“DP William Ruto blocked from flying to Uganda. He had to stay at JKIA for 5 hours. Eventually went to cool in a wheelbarrow in Karen.

Other businessmen, he was traveling with allowed through.

We don’t want the Delta variant to spread more in Uganda.

We stopped the money laundering through Uganda”

The deputy president is yet to shed light on what happened at the airport and officers in the office president are also quiet on the issue.

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