” Stop Forcing Us Into Supporting Raila Odinga”, Angry Mudavadi Warns

The One Kenya Alliance(OKA) has warned the nation media group from spinning facts to create a narrative that is meant to benefit Raila Odinga.

The OKA principals have just held a press conference to demystify all the lies that are allegedly being peddled by the media more especially the Nation Media group.

According to Musalia Mudavadi, the president never asked them to support any particular candidate. They only discussed matters more important to the country like the worrying surge in the COVID 19 cases.

Musalia took issue with the headlines the Nation media is putting out to the public and has termed them misleading and unethical that is meant to achieve a certain objective.

He has urged them to desist from that kind of practice and declare publicly that they are supporting the candidature of Raila Odinga.

Even though he didn’t mention his name, we are intelligent enough to know that he was referring to Raila Odinga. The Nasa leaders have not been on good terms over what they term as dishonest within the now dissolve coalition.

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The wisdom behind the presser and the timing are questionable given that the statehouse had already released a statement regarding the meeting.

Sources close to those meetings have indicated that the president has urged OKA to support Raila Odinga because he is the only one that stands a chance to beat William Ruto.

Gideon Moi was conspicuously missing and it is an indicator that what we have been hearing might be true. It is said that Gideon Moi supports the president fully and he is in agreement that Raila Odinga is their best bet in forming the next Government come 2022.

Journalists in the press conference wanted to know why the OKA team was meeting with Kilifi Governor and Musalia responded that he is a friend and they have a right to meet him since they are at the coast.

Amason Kingi is no longer in ODM and wanted to unite all coastal parties to have a say in the national politics and maybe they want to replace him with Gideon Moi who is more inclined to supporting Odinga.

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