St Joseph Seminary Mwingi School Bus Falls into Enziu River with Passengers inside (VIDEO)

St Joseph Seminary Mwingi School Bus Falls into Enziu River with Passengers inside (VIDEO)

A school bus belonging to St Joseph Seminary School, Mwingi sub-merged into River Enziu earlier today. A video of the unfortunate incident has been circulating online.

River Enziu is in Mwingi, Kitui County. It had rained heavily, and the river broke its banks. The bridge was submerged in water. But the driver took a tremendous risk of attempting to cross the river with passengers inside.

After going some meters into the submerged bridge, the bus overturned due to poor traction. Eyewitnesses could do nothing other than take photos as the people in the bus drowned.

In the disturbing video, one passenger attempted to get out and stand on the roof of the bus. But it kept sinking. 17 people drowned into Enziu River. 10 of them were rescued. But the search for other bodies is still on. The St Joseph Seminary Mwingi School bus had 30 passengers on board.

The local people who were at the scene watched helplessly as they feared drowning themselves. One expects that the people living around the river ought to have mastered rescue skills. But we cannot blame them.

The driver’s carelessness and ignorance sent people to their early graves. If he was under pressure by the people on board, he should have advised them to alight and cross on foot.


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Drivers must never risk driving, walking, or riding through flood waters. Driving on flooded roads is very dangerous. It is very easy for a vehicle to lose traction or wash away.

For instance, a small car can float in just 15 cm of water. That is the height of an average pen. Flood water may be deeper of flowing faster than it appears. This conceals hidden obstacles or debris that can hurt your vehicle or render it immobile.

Have a look at the video below;

It is so sad and traumatic to watch. This was avoidable. We can blame both the driver and the passengers. Had they alighted, the driver would have gone nowhere.

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