Simple Tricks To Improve Your Car Fuel Consumption

Car fuel consumption is every motorist’s source of worry during these recent years when the cost of fuel is at its highest.

Fuel is expensive in Kenya because of higher taxation by the Kenya Revenue Authority and cartels that import crude oil.

Gasoline in Kenya is more expensive than in surrounding nations.

Since we can’t change the government’s high fuel taxes, let’s learn a few techniques to increase the fuel economy of the automobiles we drive.
1. Get rid of the excess weight

Excess weight in your car increases fuel consumption, so start by removing unnecessary items from your boot.

This will mushroom your car’s fuel economy.

2. Move The Drag

Avoid rolling down your windows at high speeds since it causes drag and increases fuel consumption.

Using air conditioners is also a major contributor to greater fuel economy.

3. Avoid putting your feet on the brake pedal.

We have discovered that abrupt and frequent braking increases fuel consumption, so try to prevent it.

Also, practice driving smoothly rather than angrily and quickly stepping on the throttle.

If you must speed up, use a brief step on the accelerator.

4. Avoid idling excessively.

If you need to stop for a short period, turn off the engine because leaving it running will continue to burn fuel.

5. Keep your tires properly inflated.

Make sure you properly inflate your tires because not doing so increases the surface area in touch with the road, which increases fuel consumption by 2.5 percent.

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