Silas Jakakimba Pays This Much Dowry In A Colorful Wedding Ceremony

Silas Jakakimba is officially off the market after he officially married his fiancée in a colorful traditional wedding.

His friends and family attended the wedding ceremony at Florence’s home in Migori county.

Elegantly dressed Jakakimba was dancing with his wife to ohangla tunes performed by legendary Tony Nyadundo.

Speaking of the wedding ceremony, it was exquisitely characterized with pomp and color.

They even rolled the red carpet for the hunk of lawyer and his woman.

Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba paid 25 heads of cattle to his in-laws as dowry, with an undisclosed amount of money.

Jakakimba leaves bachelorhood after finding his soul mate in Florence.

On his engagement, Jakakimba showered Florence with sweet words and fondly referred to her as Jaber Nyasuba.

“Here’s to The Woman that’s good and sweet, here’s to The Woman that’s true, that’s real;

here’s to The Woman that forever rules my Heart, here’s to you, Nyasuba –

a thing of beauty is a joy forever, here’s to you my Friend.

What a Beautiful Soul,” 

His wedding comes after he went through a heartbreak in his first marriage with Lynette Otieno.


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She cheated on him with a wealth parliamentary service commission finance officer called Sammy Obudo.

He is a flashy man that splashes cash on young, beautiful and married employees.

He was sleeping with Silas Jakakimba’s wife barely months after she gave birth.

Silas Jakakimba exposed him on social media after Sammy threatened to beat him up in a Homabay hotel.

His wedding confirms he has moved on from his promiscuous wife, who destroyed their union because of money.

The soft-spoken lawyer is a long serving aide of Raila Odinga. He is eyeing the Lang’ata parliamentary seat.

He must square it out though with comedian Jalang’o for the ODM ticket.

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