Should I be Concerned That My sister is Sending This To My Boyfriend? (see pics)

Sister love cannot be measured but boundaries must be respected when it comes to love.

Many people adore the expression, “A leopard can never change its spots; it will always have them till death since they are part of it.”

Well, based on my life experiences, especially on the dating side of relationships, the same holds true for cheaters in most partnerships.

No matter how many times a cheater apologizes after being found, they can never break free from their cheating ways.

What happened in my instance was that I began dating my college boyfriend, who also was my son’s father.

The guy cheated on me with one of my friends who lived in the same neighborhood as him, and finding out about it was terrible

This is precisely because I had to choose between the two of them to dump.

Thrusted into such a situation, I had no choice but to choose one. For the sake of our child, I went with him above my relationship.

I didn’t want to see my son grow up without his father.

However, based on what he has done recently, that appears to have been one of the most idiotic decisions I’ve ever made.

I noticed that my baby-sister, and he had been in contact with every single exclusivity.

If found this to be strange because I know how he likes girls, especially curved ones.
So, without my sister’s consent, I took her phone and browsed through their chats. And this is what I discovered.

My sister cheating with my boyfriend

With things the way they are, who do I forgive and who do I resent ?

His communications imply my sister is the one fuelling their complete fling.

Even if she knows well that it is wrong? And he enjoys it, although he knows he shouldn’t.


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