“She Is A Beast In Bed But I Will Never Date A Kamba Again”, Betty Kyalo’s EX –Boyfriend Vows

Betty Kyalo is an outgoing character that puts her interest first in any relationship. Her happiness is paramount before anything else and that is why men have found it difficult to be with her.

She has dated many men since divorcing her husband for flamboyant Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho. Betty called it quits when it was clear that she was not ready to be a housewife.

Her wild way of life makes it difficult for men to cope. Dating Betty Kyalo means you have to put up with her public scrutiny and party life.

She is a very hard-working lady but she is also fun-loving. Her love for alcohol and road trips makes her a lot of fun to be around with.

The mother of one is currently dating a flamboyant Luo lawyer who is an advocate of the high court. She is the only man she has publicly posted on her social media accounts and professed her love for him.

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Betty looks genuinely happy with Nick Ndeda and they look like the perfect couple in town. Before Nick came into her life; Betty was dating a certain Borana guy called Teme Carlose.

Teme Carlose last night went live on his Instagram account and revealed to his fans that he will never date a Kamba lady again because they are too much to deal with.

He revealed that Kamba ladies are the best in bed but he is willing to sacrifice that because with them you will spend your all your money on them and you will not prosper because of their black magic commonly called ‘Kamote’.

Carlose was seemingly hitting out on Betty by saying that he now fears Kamba ladies after what he went through with Betty. One of his fans questioned whether they broke up because he was not able to satisfy Betty in bed but he confirmed to them that he was equal to the task.

He thanked heavens for saving him from her because he was headed to the ruins. Click HERE to watch the video

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