Serial Killer Masten Wanjala’s Father Makes Outrageous Demands To Government After His Death

Serial killer Masten Wanjala’s father Robert Wanjala has requested help from the government in burying his son.

He was speaking on Friday at his Bungoma home, hours after news of his son’s lynching leaked.

“Ningeomba tu hata serikali wanisaidie kwa sababu mimi sijiwezi, sina nyuma wala mbele, ningeomba tu wanisaidie, baada ya shugli kuisha, mtoto wangu waniletee mimi mwenyewe nizike.”

Mr Wanjala blames his ex-wife for his son’s terrible upbringing. Masten asked for forgiveness from his father the last time he was in Bungoma with DCI officers.

According to serial killer Masten Wanjala, his mother influenced his killer tendency. This is to show that he was in some form of cult.

“Akaniambia, baba, naomba msamaha, nimekuharibia jina, unisamehe tu, mimi nikasema baba mimi sina abaya na wewe.”

“Akaniambia ati mama yangu ndio alinipeleka kwa hii morning, hata nikikufa, nitakufa kwa jina ya mama yangu,” says the mother.

According to police, Masten confessed to the gruesome murder of over ten children.

During following investigations, he led detectives throughout the country to many locations where he committed murder and buried the remains.

Mr. Wanjala stated that he only met his son in 2017. Wanjala was 18 and his mother drove him to his father’s residence.

“Akaniambia, ndiyo huyu mtoto wako,” says the narrator.

Masten does not appear to have attended school, according to Mr Wanjala. He lacked both a school uniform and books.

His mother, too, could not generate his transfer.

The 18-year-old was wearing an odd hairdo with lines crisscrossing his scalp.

“Mtoto alikuwa amechora kichwa… amechora kichwa… amechora kichwa… ilikuwa 2017.

Mama yake hii ni shule gani inakubali mtoto shuleni akiwa hivi,” he added.

Mr Wanjala claims he then interfered, taking Masten to a barbershop to have his hair cut and then enrolling him in school.


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