Senator Sakaja And Mutula Kilonzo Reveals How They Will Bring Reggae Back

The 7 judge bench of the court of appeal yesterday completely stopped reggae when they threw away the appeal that was filed jointly by president Uhuru Kenyatta and his brother Raila Odinga.

The building bridges initiative has sparked a hotly divisive debate with a section of Kenyans arguing that the problem Kenya is facing is not the constitution but economic turmoil while others think that divisive politics is what is ailing this country.

The proponents of the building bridges initiative firmly believe that the constitutional amendments that were proposed in the BBI report would have brought a sense of inclusivity.

The judges of the court of appeal upheld the decision made by the high court with only one judge dissenting. This ruling has far-reaching political implications because it now complicates the political matrix.

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Most political players thought that it will give them a chance to dish out positions in the matrix when forming coalitions but that will never happen now and they have to look at plan B if they had any.

The former prime minister has already accepted the verdict given by the court of appeal and he does not intend to escalate it further to the supreme court. Raila has vowed to focus on winning the 2022 general elections.

Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja and his Makueni counterpart Mutula Kilonzo Junior have vowed to bring reggae back because it contained some good things that would have benefitted Kenyans.

In a joint statement released to newsrooms, the youthful senators said that they will rally their colleagues in the senate and the national assembly to look at the non-contagious issues that would benefit Kenyans and come up with a bill that will be passed in parliament into law.

“It is now time for us as leaders, from all different shades of the political divide, to have an honest conversation with each other. We urge our colleagues in Parliament to put the country first as we had proposed that we isolate issues of consensus and make necessary interventions after the High Court ruling,” the duo stated.

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