Senator Millicent Omanga Goes Into Hiding After Otiendo Amollo’s Clean Tackle Leaving KOT In Stitches

Building bridges initiative team of lawyers have been arguing their case in court after appealing the decision in the high court that termed the proposed constitutional amendments by the BBI proponents unconstitutional.

Some of the objections given by the honorable court faulted the president for being the promoter and financier of the building bridges activities. They also faulted the attempt by the president and his brother Raila Odinga to alter the basic structure of the 2010 constitution notwithstanding there was not enough civic education and public participation.

The BBI proponents argue that the president was trying to unite Kenyans and the committee of experts that was tasked to look at the problem ailing Kenyans came to up with 9points agenda that generated into a bill. The law was largely the problem and they felt necessary to improve some clauses in law and make it better but those who oppose constitutional amendments at this stage argue that the problem Kenya is facing is economic rather than the law.

The president and his brother Raila Odinga assembled the best brains to try and overturn the decision by the high court of Kenya but they have been struggling with facts to convince the 7 judges in the court of appeal.

The Rarieda Member of Parliament Otiende Amollo elicited a reaction from a section of politicians and Kenyans when he argued in court that president Uhuru was not the promoter of the building bridges initiative but Suna Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed and former Dagoretti south Member of Parliament Dennis Waweru were.

Nominated senator Millicent Omanga found herself in the crossfire when she joined the conversation but was quickly muted by the distinguished lawyer who gave her a clean tackle that completely made her mute leaving Kenyans in stitches.

Otiende’s short statement seemed to disregard her simplistic argument in other words telling her to stick to her lane because the matter in discussion is way beyond her intellectual capacity to comprehend.

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