Self-Declared Miracle Healer, Babu Wa Loliondo, Dies In Hospital After Sudden Illness

The news coming in from Tanzania is that Babu wa Loliondo is dead after a short illness. He died in hospital while receiving treatment. The sad news about his sudden death has raised questions over whether Covid 19 must have played any role in his death.

The news about his death has been confirmed by his Aid Paul Doidoi. Babu wa Loliondo is an old man from Tanzania a that hit the headlines that he was a miracle healer. The soft-spoken man from the rural district of Tanzania made many people throughout the world believe that he was indeed able to treat any medical condition on earth by just giving you a concoction of herbs.

People throughout the world made their way into the forest where he stayed carrying their sick kin to look for the man that was performing miracles medically.

The old man was found later to be a cold fraudster who took advantage of the desperation the sick people had to con them their money. Babu made millions in a short while before it was discovered that he was giving people ordinary water.

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People with long-term conditions like cancer, HIV, Hypertension, and Diabetes mellitus stopped their conventional medicine to try the alternative medicine that Babu was offering.

He promised them that their health problems will resolve within hours of taking his herbs which of course was a lie. Some of the patients died while others escaped death narrowly especially those with HIV and cancer. It forced them to start new treatment plans to save their lives.

When you do wrong to people, always remember that nobody is immortal. All of us will one day die and that is why everyone must live an honest life.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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