Scary Future For The Unvaccinated People After New Development

The unvaccinated people against COVID-19 are in for a rude shock. Before we discovered the vaccines in South Africa, they informed us that nobody will force anyone to be vaccinated. Rumors circulated, and many said that they felt afraid to have their vaccinations.

It’s apparent that people who refuse vaccinations still exist, and they believe they may say no. While I certainly would have preferred avoided getting vaccinated, my children’s safety is now my top priority, and so I reluctantly got vaccinated.

Vaccination in developed countries

My personal advice is that people should not fear vaccines.  Many people have received the jabs especially in First World countries. Soccer lovers are now entering stadiums in tens of thousands without masks.

“Vaccination is free and safe. The FDA has fully approved our vaccines,” US President Joe Biden urged his unvaccinated citizens recently.

In what sounds like bad news for the unvaccinated, the vaccinated are now preparing to be recognized by the government. I will send government notices to them, including their names, surnames, addresses, and dates of vaccination and vaccination codes. Your guess is as good as mine.

Do you believe the vaccine code is to do something?

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“Please store this code in a safe place, should you need to verify your vaccination status,” reads the notification sent to vaccinated people.

Have a look at the screenshot below. I masked the name and surname in order to protect the individual in question.

When I saw this, I believed that there may be situations in the future where no treatment will offered to unvaccinated individuals.

Scary future for the unvaccinated people

Wouldn’t it be scary if they were telling you not to enter a bus, a soccer stadium, a store, or a bank because you cannot prove that you’ve had your vaccinations? But do you suppose the vaccination code is for something like this? If it’s not significant, why should we take care of it?

For those who missed their chance to get vaccinated, this is bad news because they will miss out on these codes. To put it another way, this implies that they may not have the same privileges as the vaccinated individuals. What do you think about this?

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