SASSA To Punish These People For Applying For R350 Grants


SASSA has threatened to prosecute government employees who applied for the R350 social relief of distress grant while still working.

During the verification process, the agency discovered some applicants were government personnel.

According to Sassa, they discovered this through screening grant applicants against government databases.

They did this to ensure that they were not governmental servants.

The stipend is available to unemployed people and those in serious material need who cannot meet their families’ most basic needs.”

The grant is available Until March 2022, they will pay for it on a monthly basis.

The organization is paying attention to not only R350 but also other social awards with similar concerns.

Public employees who receive foster kid funds may do so because the grants are not means-tested and legal.

SASSA To Take Action

The Authorities are investigating grants to see if the means test was credible.

Sassa will meet with zero tolerance any deliberate attempt by those who do not qualify for social grants

Sassa cautioned it is the obligation of any citizen whose financial circumstances change.

Even if they are still receiving the grant, to notify Sassa as soon as possible.

This is to enable the government and the organization to review their eligibility for grants in the future.

They will institute legal and disciplinary sanctions action against ineligible public employees who have continued to accept these grants.

Scammers are offering to keep people’s spots in line to receive their R350 grant payments, according to the SA Post Office (SAPO).

SAPO said that they are aware of incidents where self-appointed queue marshals .

They offer a price for a seat in front of the queue to consumers who visit their branches

This is illegal, according to SAPO, and those involved may face legal action.

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