Samido’s Latest Action Proves Why You Should Never Trust What Your Favorite Celebrity Is Telling You

People follow their favorite celebrities with all their hearts and some of them get disappointed and stressed up when they are in trouble.

Kenyans always stand with them and show those celebrities the support they deserve in any situation. The show biz industry is a cutthroat type of business and these musicians use all the scripts in the books to outdo their opponents.

Nobody seems to trust the fans here in Kenya and that is why they have all resorted to doing things that appear to be scandalous to have the attention of Kenyans before releasing a song.

It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that any scandal involving celebrities here in Kenya is fake until proven otherwise.
They do so a day before releasing a new track.

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So it is wise for Kenyans to stop attacking each other because of these fraudsters. Many Kenyan celebrities have employed that trick be fore releasing a song and it seems to work for them that is why they keep on repeating the same script.

From Bahati lying that he had broken up with his wife, to DJ Mo threatening to beat Willy Paul and now Samidoh allegedly battering Karen Nyamu because she was cheating on him with another man.

Karen Nyamu showed her fans the injuries that she had sustained because of his physical assault but it has turned out that they were non existent injuries and they were only  playing with the emotions of their fans.

Am not so sure if it is the right thing to do by playing by the emotions of those who genuinely love you for your selfish gains but Samidoh released another song and all of sudden Karen Nyamu forgave him and confessed her undying love for him and his wife Edith Nderitu released a video supporting him.

They took advantage of their fans but I wonder for how long these celebrities will be using this cheap trick to gain traction.

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