Ruto’s Embarrassing Moment In Kisii When The Gods Conspired To Do This To Him

Ruto’s race to statehouse is gaining momentum, and he has been traversing various parts of the country to sell his agenda.

The deputy president is actively and aggressively campaigning on the hustler narrative that has taken Kenya by storm.

The cleverly crafted narrative resonates well with the youth and the poor that make most of the population in the republic of Kenya.

His tactics have thrown off balance even veteran and seasoned politicians like Kalonzo Musyoka.

He seems clueless and politically overwhelmed by the turn of events.

Kalonzo has now resorted to attacking the persona and character of the deputy president.

Ruto’s strategy seems to work wonders and from the look of things, he only has one serious competitor in Raila Odinga.

The only thing that is currently working against the deputy president is the fact that he has fallen out with his boss.

William Ruto has the resources and intellect and charisma to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta.

He was over the weekend in Kisii county to meet the hustlers and empower them.

He made various stops to address his enthusiastic supporters.

Despite the heavy downpour that happened in the area, the DP braved the heavy rains and talked to his supporters.

In one of his events at Kiabigori secondary in South Mugirango constituency, Ruto launched a school bus.

He attempted to drive. The bus that was full of excited students failed to start as the deputy president tried hard.

His driving skills let him down on the day, perhaps because he rarely drives himself.

The exercise ended in disappointment but anyhow the school got a new bus from him.


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