Ruto to Raila: You Are The Reason Why Jubilee Government Failed To Fulfill Its Election Promise

Deputy President William Ruto has accused Raila Odinga of the tribulations the Jubilee government is going through currently in terms of the economy and the politics in government.

The deputy president feels that Odinga took advantage of the president’s generosity to run corruption cartels in Government and divert the attention of the president from the big four agenda to the building bridges initiative which will not change the lives of Kenyans.

According to William Ruto, Raila is the high priest of corruption and he oversaw the largest economic scandals during his tenure as the prime minister as he stole funds meant to improve the lives of the jobless youth.

Raila further indicated that Raila and his allies should never try to lecture him on corruption especially after benefitting from the money that is meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Ruto was speaking at Umoja area, Nairobi county after a church service. He faulted Odinga for lacking an agenda for Kenyans. The deputy president seemed to respond to Raila’s sentiments that he made yesterday in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county where he went to kick start the NHIF registration drive to make sure that everyone in the area is registered to make it easier to access health.

The move is supported by the area member of parliament. Raila said that he is going to jail all the politicians that have looted money from the government once he becomes the fifth president of Kenya in the coming general elections. Ruto considers Raila to be his biggest opponent and that is why they strive to outshine each other by throwing political jabs between them.

Kenyans should be able to interrogate the two leaders and make the decision to chose either or look beyond them in the search for our next president because Raila and Ruto have been in Government and they have never done anything to suggest they are the right candidates to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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