Ruto Speaks After He Was Blocked To Travel To Uganda For Failing To Present A Letter From The Chief

The deputy president was today humiliated at the Wilson airport because the immigration officers refused to clear him to travel to Uganda in the company of his close allies Ndindi Nyoro and Oscar Sudi.

William Ruto was made to wait for five and half hours as government officials shifted blame from one office to the other. They took him in circles and he eventually decided to go back to his official residence in Karen.

According to Ndidi Nyoro, the deputy president was asked to present his birth certificate and a letter from the chief before he could be allowed to travel to Uganda.

They contacted various officers to get an explanation about the predicaments they were going through at the airport like the head of the civil service and CS Matiangi who said that they are not aware of that and they are not a party to  the new set of conditions.

His friends were cleared by the speaker of the national assembly but he opted to go back home dejected and wondering how he came from being the second most powerful man in government to being a nobody.

People were keen to see what the deputy president will say and he has not disappointed. Taking to his official social media accounts, Ruto has posted a short statement that read “Isorait….Tumwachie MUNGU”.

What happened today at the airport has sparked an online debate with politicians allied to him condemning the president and his officers for humiliating the man that helped him to ascend to power.

It is now clear that battle lines have been drawn between the president and his deputy which essentially means that 2022 general elections will have high stakes. Ruto will find it rough as all the state machinery will be against him

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