Ruto Reveals His Only Regret In Supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta

Deputy President William Ruto attended a show on KTN News for an interview with crossfire show host Sophia Wanuna.

The show was widely watched by millions of Kenyans who were curious to listen to what he had to say regarding his current political tribulations.

The deputy president tackled various questions thrown his way by the KTN journalist and he was well prepared to answer very tough questions especially those touching his relationship with his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ruto revealed that he has a normal working relationship with the president at the professional level and that he has diligently carried out any duties assigned to him by the president.

The chief hustler cleverly evaded some of the questions only choosing to concentrate on his journey to the statehouse in 2022. He affirmed that he has no issues if the president decides not to back his bid because he never set any conditions for Uhuru before supporting him in the last 9 years or so.

He brushed off the recent comments made by the president that he had achieved more in the second term without Ruto than the first term with him due to a mega graft in government and political bickering.

Ruto seemed to directly respond to Francis Atwoli who recently claimed that BBI will have to pass and if not, then they will postpone the elections. Ruto exuded confidence that president Uhuru won’t dare to do such an unconstitutional thing.

He urged his supporters to focus on the journey ahead because elections will happen as scheduled. He however felt sorry for the Jubilee party because it is on its death bed and there is nothing he can do to salvage it because it has been hijacked by conmen.

Ruto regretted that even in his capacity as the deputy leader, he was not able to organize the party and salvage it from collapsing. According to him, that is his only regret during his tenure as the deputy party leader working with president Uhuru because they put a lot of effort, resources, and emotions to build such a huge national party only to be destroyed by busybodies.

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