Ruto Confirms He Is In Talks To Have Musalia As His Running Mate

Ruto Confirms He Is In Talks To Have Musalia As His Running Mate

Ruto is the current deputy president of the republic of Kenya. He is in the race to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The charismatic politician has not been in his office for very many months because they sidelined him.

The same government he worked hard to form has pushed him out after falling out with president Uhuru.

William Ruto took advantage of his relationship with Uhuru Kenyatta and built friendships in Mt.Kenya.

He is now more popular than the president in his own backyard.

Ruto is the most popular candidate in Mt. Kenya, which is the largest voting block in the history of Kenya.

The president is supporting the veteran politician Raila Odinga, but he faces an uphill task to convince his tribesmen to vote for Raila.

As the contest hits up, the question of running mate is the biggest elephant in the room for both political formations.

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William Ruto has to balance between pleasing his Mt. Kenya supporters and getting enough support from other areas of the country.

Martha Karua, Rigathi Gachagua and Anne Waiguru are some names put forth to be his running mate.

The problem with the above names is that William Ruto is still not sure of getting the over 90% support Uhuru Kenyatta got.

Failing to hit those numbers and assuming Raila eats into that basket, it will be difficult for him to win.

That is why he has been quietly looking for partners to form a coalition with.

In his interview with Inooro TV, Ruto confirmed he was in talks with Musalia Mudavadi to form a coalition that will deliver 2022.

This further confirms why Malala has been abusing Raila and running an Anti Raila campaign in western Kenya.

Cleophas Malala has the blessings of his party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

That is why ANC has been black mailing OKA to name a presidential candidate by January or else they move out.

They are simply looking for an exit strategy.

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