Richard Githirwa Collapses after Discovering This about His Wife of More than Decade (PHOTO)

A Nairobi Man identified has Richard Githirwa dramatically collapsed at his home. This is after he discovered something that shocked him to the bone. The apartment he has been paying rent for belongs to his ‘jobless’ wife.

Richard Githirwa is a 38-year-old man from Hurlingham, Nairobi. He has paid rent in the apartment for 9 good years. He is currently recuperating at Nairobi hospital after suffering neurogenic shock on Wednesday morning.

The wife was not at home when he fainted and it is the house help and a Good Samaritan that rushed him to the hospital. Mr. Githirwa read his wife’s email on their home computer.

He painfully discovered from her emails that the apartment he has paid rent totaling to KES 4.8 million belongs to his sweetheart. His partner was away visiting her sister in Naivasha. He discovered the emails from KRA with her rental tax income details.

The apartment in question has 29 other tenants. A private real estate firm manages it. The property has been owned by the wife since 2009 before the two got married. Only the lady can explain why she kept the ownership of the property a secret.

Richard Githirwa monthly rent

A quick calculation shows that the monthly rent for the house they have been living in is roughly KES 50,000. The apartment has 30 units in the prime Nairobi neighborhood. This means that Githirwa’s jobless wife has been pocketing a whopping KES 1.5 million monthly.


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Richard Githirwa has always known the wife is jobless. He has been providing everything religiously. This shows how evil some women are.

Some people, especially women may not understand why he collapsed. He looks like a financially stable man. But for nine years he has not thought of building a home for his family.

He has comfortably paid rent to the tune of KES 5 million. Did he want his ‘jobless’ wife to provide housing for his family? He is partly to blame.

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