Revealed: The Exact Reason Why Agnes Tirop Was Killed By Her Husband Ibrahim Kipleting

Kenya is yet to come to terms to the untimely demise of Agnes Tirop, a long-distance runner that was killed by her husband Ibrahim Kipleting. Neighbors found her murdered in her home in Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet.

The soft-spoken athlete was just ten days away from celebrating her 26th birthday. Her husband made calls to Agnes Jebet Tirop’s folks and informed them he had done something horrible. Then shortly after that, her lifeless body was discovered with multiple stab wounds.

Because of that, many people believe he is the one that killed her. Nobody knows where he is and the police are looking for him.

According to investigators, the couple had marital troubles for most of this year. Agnes Tirop had already left her rural home and was now living in a leased apartment.

Emmanuel Ibrahim Kipleting is the full name of her husband. According to authorities, the two were attempting to reconcile their differences and had made significant progress.

Agnes Tirop and her husband Ibrahim Kipleting during their happier moments together

Kipleting had invited Agnes Tirop to their rural home the day before, and the two lovebirds spent the majority of the time together. They looked happy, and all was fine.


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They even took pictures, which were later discovered in Agnes Tirop’s phone. It was all love in the air and they looked happy.

Ibrahim Kipleting believes agnes was seeing another man

The husband, according to police, discovered love notes in Agnes Tirop’s phone when she was sleeping. That made him furious. It is understandable because he clearly loved the lady. The love messages towards another man made him feel like Agnes had betrayed him.

Just like many other women, Agnes had needs. That is why when she was alienated from her spouse she hooked up with another person.

That irritated Mr. Kipleting. He then exacted his vengeance by beheading her and stabbing her multiple times. The scene was heartbreaking indeed.

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