Red Handed : Jeff Koinange Thirsting Over Lilian Muli Leaves Tongues Wagging

Jeff Koinange, who is a veteran and an award-winning journalist, has been in the game for a long time.

He has worked in various media stations, both in Kenya and the rest of the world.

Jeff Koinange is a man with style and grace. He has mastered his craft and royal media services are lucky to have him.

His scintillating interviews and features by the veteran journalist are things you cannot miss.

He brings laughter and professionalism in his trade.

Jeff Koinange lost his partner Victoria Rubadiri who announced that she is taking a break from Citizen TV for sometime to revitalize herself.

The duo have been gracing our TVs on Sundays and they blend into each other and gel very well in delivering the news to the Citizen TV viewers.

Citizen TV has now paired Jeff with another legendary news anchor. Lilian Muli has been in the game for the last 15 years.

The beautiful journalist is one of the best news anchors in the country. Having both of them in air is a match made in heaven.


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Last weekend they performed admirably well as expected, but a section of Kenyans feel that last night Lilian Muli’s beauty distracted Jeff.

He had this look into her eyes for some seconds without saying a word while smiling sheepishly.

This was awkward for Lilian, who blushed and seemed uncomfortable in the way Jeff looked at her live on TV.

“So am not the only fisi, Team mafisi are all over including Ethiopia”. Jeff was commenting on the story about domesticated hyenas that were featured by Wahiga Mwaura.

Some Twitter users think he was drunk and out of order and others think Jeff is just missing his partner, Victoria Rubadiri.

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