Raila’s Priceless Advice To Uhuru Kenyatta That Will Be A Game Changer

Raila Odinga is a seasoned politician with rich experience over the years. He was a key player in the second liberation when they fought for all the freedoms we now enjoy. The man was jailed for 9 years for fighting Moi’s dictatorial regime.

He has not been lucky to be the president of the Republic of Kenya despite vying for the seat for decades. The political enigma has a rare ability to read the mood on the ground and that is why he has been able to stay on top of his game for years.

After the hotly contested presidential elections in 2017, the president of Kenya chose to extend the hand of peace to him and they buried the hatchet deciding to work together for the sake of peace and development in the country.

His handshake with his political nemesis was unexpected and it came as a surprise to many. The two gentlemen have remained committed to the course for the last three years and there is no sign of a fallout.

Unfortunately, the handshake led to another fallout between the president and his deputy. A section of political analysts feels that the tiff between the two is all about a jealousy partner that doesn’t want her husband to bring another wife because she needs to have everything.

William Ruto is literally out of Government and he has shifted all the blame and failures of this government to the president and the former prime minister. According to the DP, Raila’s entry into government is the sole reason it has failed.

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People are so upset with this regime because of the stifling tax measures and the cost of living. The economy is ruined and the government is broke. Businesses have gone under and jobs have been lost partly due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and to a larger extent the rampant corruption in government.

Some analysts feel that for Raila Odinga to continue working with Uhuru will disadvantage him because he stands to lose everything that he is known to stand for. This is giving undue advantage to the deputy president and he should wake up from slumber and start selling his agenda to the people because Uhuru’s influence politically is gone.

It is on this background that Raila has advised the president to fully open the economy despite the ongoing pandemic. He has asked the president to ensure at least 50% of Kenyans are vaccinated before doing that to alleviate the economic suffering Kenyans are going through.

This is what has happened in Europe and the USA. The government should even borrow money to fund the vaccination exercise because that is the only way to curb the pandemic and help Kenyans to regain their livelihood.

All these curfews enforced by the government are not working and are a waste of time. Curfews are only benefitting the rogue police officers who are taking bribes from Kenyans to bend the rules.

If Uhuru can act on Raila’s advice, then he will regain the confidence of Kenyans and he will for sure secure his dwindling legacy.

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