Raila Odinga In Tears Of Joy After Chaka Man Gifted Him His Pair Of Shoes

Raila Odinga spent most of the weekend in Kenya’s Mount Kenya.

He began his tour in Nanyuki, Laikipia County, at the foot of the mountain.

Governor Ndiritu Muriithi, who served as his host, escorted Raila Odinga.

He spoke to a variety of groups and put out a blueprint for the region’s economic future.

The enigma made various stops along the way, including Nanyuki, Narumoru, Chaka, Kenol, Juja, and Githurai.

He spoke to hundreds of adoring followers who had gathered in big numbers to hear him speak.

Members of parliament from Mount Kenya and a slew of other ODM lawmakers accompanied him.

Raila Odinga’s campaign platform revolves around inclusiveness, social justice, corruption eradication, and rural economy.

The reception he received from the locals at Chaka Trading Centre overwhelmed the former prime minister.

A young man in the throng gave him his pair of shoes, which will aid him in his journey up the mountain.


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That thoughtful gift nearly moved Raila to tears.

After years of marketing fear against Raila Odinga, their political approach for conquering the mountain appears to be working.

Politicians who oppose Raila’s candidacy have taunted Kieleweke to accompany him to central Kenya if they are serious about supporting him.

They today proved them wrong after they turned up to welcome him in various parts of central Kenya.

If the president campaigns for Raila Odinga in Central Kenya, he will undoubtedly receive a significant number of votes from the region.

This is a major setback for William Ruto’s hopes of succeeding Uhuru.

Ruto has been campaigning in the area for the past four years, and he’s spent a lot of money to woo the mountain.

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