“Raila Is The Reason I Can’t Be Elected In Central”, Isaac Mwaura Blames Odinga For His Misfortunes

Isaac Mwaura is blaming Raila Odinga for his failure to clinch any elective political seat in his home turf, Ruiru constituency, Kiambu county.

Mwaura was once a nominated member of parliament courtesy of ODM but he ditched his favorite party to join Jubilee where he also failed to win the party nominations in the 2017 general elections. He was however lucky to get another nomination to the senate.

Mwaura sadly lost his seat when he publicly abused the president’s family and rallied residents of Central Kenya to reject the Kenyatta family because they were the cause of all the problems Central Kenya people were facing.

Isaac Mwaura argued that the Kenyatta family has ruled over 35 years but they failed to help the people of central and they instead plundered the Kenyan economy and want to continue ruling them something that they will no longer accept.

This agitated the president who felt that Mwaura was being ungrateful after what he had done for him. Mwaura expressed his true colors as a man who doesn’t respect and regard the hand that feeds him. He did the same to Raila Odinga but the difference between the president and Raila is that the ODM leader is more tolerant to criticism which is why he got away with it.

Mwaura is now suffering in the cold after losing the hefty package that comes with being a member of parliament for trying too hard to please William Ruto by abusing the president.

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The young man is now blaming the former prime minister for his misfortunes in Central Kenya. Mwaura feels that the time he spent in ODM trying to sell Raila Odinga permanently damaged his image and people always associate him with the former premier up to date.

He was talking in an interview in one of the local stations where he revealed that the people of central naturally hate Raila Odinga and they can never vote for him. He warned anybody trying to sell him that they will suffer the same fate as him.

Mwaura further revealed that if Raila contests in the coming general elections, Kikuyus will vote 100% to the last man to lock him out of the presidency.

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