Raila Is Now Unstoppable: Here Is The Kikuyu Man That Has Gifted Him A Military Chopper

Raila Odinga is a seasoned politician with a wealth of experience. He is one of the major contenders in 2022 presidential elections.

Kenyans are eagerly awaiting the results of the 2022 general elections as political forces continue to ravage the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s handshake with Hon Raila Odinga has had a more positive impact on Kenyan politics than the pandemonium.

DP William Ruto is putting the finishing touches on his campaign in the Mt Kenya region ahead of the general elections in 2022.

With the days flying by, Hon. Raila Odinga has been campaigning across Kenya.

Raila Odinga recently returned to Dubai in a totally refurbished car. Mt Kenya has handed Raila Odinga a significant boost.

According to Kenyan news, Businesses Tycoon David Njuguna has given Raila Odinga a military chopper.

According to Kenyan news, a tycoon has successfully gained three airplanes, including a military airforce jet.

He donated one to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Odinga, to support his August 2022 presidential campaigns.

This is a big win for Azimio la Umoja Team and it is clear Ruto has no place in the top job come 2022.

Where Does He Get His Money? KRG The Don Reveals How Much He Spends Per Term As School Fee.

KRG the Don is a dance hall artist and entertainer come, comedian. His flashy lifestyle is enough proof that he is doing well.

The rich musician is dropping hit by hit after his recent collaborations with Gengetone group called mbuzi gang and Lavalava.

Most Kenyans don’t know his businesses, but the guy has a lot of money to an extent. At one point, a section of Kenyans accused him of being ‘wash wash’.

Talking to Felix Odiwour, commonly known as Jalang’o, KRG revealed he enjoys doing his businesses under the radar.



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