Public Service Commission Advertise Massive Jobs

Public Service Commission has published job openings in several government ministries and departments.

The commission announced in a statement that they had launched a job application site for Kenyans to apply.

According to the public service commission, Kenyans who qualify for those jobs to apply online before or on October 4, 2021.

The Ministry of National Treasury and Planning, Defence, Office of Attorney General, and Justice all advertising job openings.

The Ministry of National Treasury and Planning aims to recruit 47 individuals for the directorate of planning .

They also intend to recruita 44 candidates for the job of principal economists, according to a post viewed by

The Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Justice are looking for 30 candidates for the position of State Counsel.

The Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, plans to hire communication officers and medical officers.

How to Make an Application

Interested applicants should apply online at the commission’s website or through the job portal.

“Qualified Kenyans are encouraged to apply online through the commission’s website or jobs portal” .

“This should be on or by October 4, 2021,” according to the advertisement.

For more information on the available opportunities, applicants should visit the commission’s website.

The advertisement states, “The specifics of the posts and entry form can be found on the commission’s website.”

Applicants must also submit their applications by 5 p.m. on October 4, 2021.

Mike Sonko Has Gone Broke

Mike Sonko is broke. This is, according to his lawyers, who told the courts that he is barely surviving.

The Nairobi county MCAs impeached and disgraced the flamboyant former governor.

Mike Sonko is currently battling many cases in court related to corruption and misuse of power.

Sonko filed a case in court, interesting the court to pay him back the 15 million shillings bail he paid.

In an application filed in the High Court, Sonko claimed that freezing his accounts means he can’t foot bills.

This includes paying fees for his children, and he wants to be to replace the bail with other assets as security.

Mike Sonko wants this move to prevent him from going bankrupt.
“I request the court to allow me post security instead of cash bail so I can use the money to take care of my health.

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