Prophet Owour Gets The Shock Of His Life

Prophet Owour is a self-proclaimed mighty prophet of God.

The prophet who commanded a large audience and mingled with renowned figures, has lost a sizable following.

He just ran a survey to find out how many people still follow him, and the findings surprised him.

He realized that only 42,000 people, including youngsters, subscribe to his divisive religious teaching.
After bishops and congregations deserted his ministry, Owuor had to close several of the churches he had established around the country.

He is also struggling financially, which is why he does not stage big crusades regularly because of difficulties.

Prophet Owour is so broke that he can no longer afford to pay for live TV coverage, as he used to.

In the past, they have accused the flashy prophet of conducting a cult disguised as a church.

They hauled him to court once by the family of a wealthy businesswoman .

This after he indoctrinated her and took control of her property, which included luxury residences in Nairobi’s lush suburbs.

Huduma Centers Nationwide Face Imminent Closure

Huduma Centers face closure because of rental arrears and imminent crisis is looming nationwide.

At least half of the country’s Huduma Centers are facing eviction because of rental arrears totaling Ksh1.7 billion.

The government( PCK) owes the money to Kenya’s postal corporation.
Public Service Principal Secretary Mary Kimonye stated this will jeopardize public data if PCK goes ahead with the closures.

“Posta is requesting Sh1.7 billion in rent arrears for hosting the Huduma Centers.”

According to the magazine, “several of the Huduma Centers are now being evicted, and government data risks being compromised.”
The iconic Nairobi GPO, as well as others in Kakamega, Nakuru, Meru, Mombasa, Machakos, Kisii, and Bungoma, are among those facing eviction.

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