Professor Hamo Is At It Again,Says This About Jemutai

Professor Hamo, also known as Herman Kago and Stella Bunei Koitie, popularly known by her stage, Jemutai, is an item.

Nobody could have suspected because the two lovebirds kept their relationship private.

They kept it under the wraps even from their fellow comedians at the popular comedy show.

A few months ago, the comedian couple went through an ugly spit and washed their dirty linen in public.

It started by Jemutai accusing Hamo of neglecting their two boys.

According to the witty comedian, Hamo was never there for their children, despite them being very young and needing him.

The Exposé made the 41-year-old comedian and business owner apologize publicly and they seem to have buried the hatchet.

They have since started a series on YouTube titled ‘Raw & Candid with Jemutai and Hamo.

That series is airing on Jemutai’s channel ‘Jemutai chibambe world’.

The two narrate every detail of their life together, starting from the moment they met.

They seem to be brutally honest with one another, and none of the two are mincing their words.

One wonders if the beef was for real or just another publicity seeking stunt.

Nothing seems for real with celebrities because they are always looking for clout.

Because they started a series on their channel, cast doubt on their sincerity.

Jemutai initially showed that Hamo did not care about her and his kids, but that seems to have changed.

The witty comedian today posted a photo of Jemutai and gushed over her beauty. He even hinted at going away from work to have her for lunch.

“Nimeona hii 📷 imebidi nihepe job 😂😂😂😂 wacha niende lunch na rudi”.

Professor Hamo at it again


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