Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Received Your SRD350 Grant

Those who did not obtain their SRD350 Grant last month are encouraged to do so before their funds are reverted to treasury officials.

Many people have lodged concerns about their status delayed and unjustified rejections after President Cyril Ramaphosa declared the sustained social assistance of Distress Grant.

If your status is rejected or pending, don’t worry. Your money will be sent immediately into your account once the issue is resolved.

Things that people are unaware of that may cause their applications to be rejected or remain pending for an extended period of time include;

  1. Registering your account with someone else’s phone number. This can cause your application to be pending. Sassa has received numerous complaints and reports from people who have been defrauded. That is why they are attempting to avoid this by confirming the phone and contact number first before confirming payments. Sassa will examine the address of the phone that applied and determine how many times it has applied. More verification will be required, and if sassa determines it to be a threat, it will be automatically rejected.
  2. Another issue that may delay your SRD350 Grant is using a bank account that is not registered with your names. For example, if you open a bank account using your parents’ names and then get married and change your surname but forget to change it at the bank account, the two surnames will not correspond and Sassa will not deposit your money into that bank account.
  3. Another minor issue is when people correct or change their names on their identity cards but neglect to modify it on their banks or when applying for jobs.

There is no need to fear if you haven’t received it yet as long as you qualify. Sassa urges people to double-check their names, phone numbers, and bank data to ensure there are no errors so that they may file an appeal.

If you haven’t gotten your August payment and you meet all requirements, go to the sassa website or offices and ask for access to your application so you can double-check that you haven’t made any mistakes.


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