Polite Note To Camera Users In A Club Goes Viral After Saying This

polite note charmed Kenyans in a club that asked revellers who like to use cameras in clubs to be considerate of others.

It is requesting that folks who enjoy photographing people in clubs not do so without their consent.

This is because some of them are church leaders and the harsh judgment meted out about churchgoers.

Kenyans do so particularly on elders and men of God. The polite note specifically requests complete anonymity.

“Please don’t photograph all of us in the club when taking shots. Some of us are elders in the church ,”the notice stated.

Some Kenyans are religious zealots who are adamant about Christian ideals and feel that a club is a satanic haven.

This is because of the immorality that we find in those areas.

As a result, we expect those who claim to be men of God or church elders to be of spotless integrity.

Because of the increasing temptations to sin, clubs are not for them.

In another incident, a 77-year-old Narok man lost 80,000 Kenyan shillings in a Naivasha club.


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Ladies in skimpy outfits drugged his drink before robbing his pockets.

After harvesting his wheat, the man, who is a large-scale wheat farmer, flew into town from Narok to have a wonderful time.

These ladies have a keen sense of smell for nice money, and they were quick to spot the elderly gentleman.

When she approached him seductively, the naïve old man’s bloodboiled.

When his heart raced as he gazed at the gorgeous young lady’s ideal body shape, he thought he had rolled back the years.

She poisoned his drink and fleeced his pockets after a few rounds of drinks.

He only found himself with his ID and nothing else when he awoke in the morning.

She had withdrawn all the money he had taken out of the bank, and he was still reeling from the shock.

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