Police Officer Dismissed In His Absence For Absconding Duty But Had Been In ICU

Police officer who the force dismissed for absconding duty for many months was in a coma.

All this time he had been fighting for his life in ICU at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

His bosses dimsissed him in his absence for absconding duty.

Constable Rueben Kimutai went missing in December 2020, just before he was to embark on leave.

His family never saw him again, and he did not return to work in January 2021.
After he failed to show up for work, they filed a warrant of arrest against him in the Makadara Law Courts.

They assigned Kimutai to the Jogoo Road Police Station before being assigned to the Judiciary.

He was assigned as an aide at the Makadara Law Courts,the role he perfomed until he went missing.

Police officials conducted a search for him and even contacted his relatives, but they could not locate him.

On January 19, they filed a formal report accusing him of having left work.


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Constable Kimutai was suddenly a wanted man, and they even charged him in his absence.

The courts instructed police to find Constable Kimutai and present him on March 22, but their search was fruitless.

A magistrate set a new date for them. The National Police Service began removing his name from its payroll.

But the police department and Kimutai’s family were unaware that they had admitted the officer to the KNH .

This is After being engaged in a hit-and-run accident on December 20, 2020.

They enrolled him as Augustine Neto and admitted to the acute care unit (ICU).

Kimutai began recovering consciousness toward the end of August, telling physicians his name .

He informed them he was a police officer. He also notified KNH employees that he had a niece who lived in Makadara, and they launched a search.

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