Photos Of The Charming Man That Rogue Cop Caroline Kangogo Shot And Killed In Cold Blood

A rogue police officer by the name Caroline Kangogo is on the run after killing two of men within a week. The beautiful corporal is said to be on a revenge mission after her heart got broken by several men before. Clearly, she is not of sound mind. The Director of Criminal Investigations’ office is looking for her before she does more damage.

The no nonsense lady started her mission by murdering Constable John Ogweno in Nakuru and getting away with his firearm, a ceska pistol that was loaded. This is according to a statement that was released to the public by the DCI in a series of tweets.  

Caroline then moved to Nairobi where she is alleged to have murdered another handsome man by the name Peter Njiru. The second incident happened in Dedamax Hotel in Nairobi. She lured him to the hotel where she shot him in the head. The officer had booked and even paid for the room.

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After shooting Peter, she got out of the room and told the attendants that she was going to buy some toothpaste and easily got away never to be seen. The graphic photo of the deceased shot in cold blood has been circulating in most social media platforms.

Until his death, Peter was the owner of a security company called Superb Security Group Limited.

DCI is now appealing to the public to report immediately if they learn the whereabouts of the murderer. She is slowly turning out to be a serial killer. She is on the run, armed and very dangerous.

Here are the photos of Peter Njiru, the man whose life came to a dramatic end at Dedamax Hotel;

Judging from the photos of Caroline Kangogo which were shared by the DCI on Twitter, she looks very beautiful and innocent. It is only a matter of time before the long arm of the law catches up with her.

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