Patrick Igunza’s Rookie-Like Mistake That Might Cost Him His Job At Citizen

Patrick Igunza is one of the talented news reporters in the country and Citizen TV is lucky to have him. His voice and the way he delivers the news are unrivaled. He has more than 10 years of experience.

Patrick also hosts a daily evening show called the Hot Drive that is aired on HOT96 between 3 to7pm. His versatility comes in hand for him because he can report and interact with his audience in both Swahili and English.

In his time of practice, the talented news reporter has traversed the world to report on various subjects from Africa, Asia, Europe, and America.

Patrick is a degree holder of mass communication from Multi-media university majoring in TV and Radio production.

The husky-voiced journalist is touted as one of the best and most versatile moderators and MC. He is known to moderate and host youth-oriented economic and social dialogues.

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Igunza has over the years hosted high-profile conferences and conversations among them the European Union External Plan Presentation and the 254 Young Entrepreneurship Awards and Mentorship program.

He is a valuable asset to the Royal Media services and that is why he has many roles to play. This morning in one of the shows he hosts on TV dubbed ‘Level up Fridays’ on Citizen TV, Patrick mentioned NTV Kenya instead of Citizen TV.

That is a rookie-like mistake or a slip of the tongue. His unintended mention of NTV Kenya is giving an undue audience to their competitor and might cost him his job.

The wordings are not coming out clear and there is a chance that he is not talking about NTV but a section of his fans think he was talking about it.

This is a twisted world and anything you say is scrutinized. That is why Shaffie Weru lost his job for making an innocent joke that was misconstrued to demean women.

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