Pastor Nganga: I have over 70 Children out of Wedlock

Pastor Nganga of Neno Evangelism Center will never tire of controversy. If he is not humiliating women in his church, he is being arraigned in court over fraud related charges.

Earlier this year, a Nairobi court ordered him to pay a former worker KES 304,000 for firing him illegally. His premises in the city have also been marred with disputes with the county government.

He is on record saying that he is a very rich man who does not depend on church offerings for survival. His marriage to a woman a half his age is also something that people have talked about for a long time.

Pastor Nganga married Mercy Murugi in a lavish wedding at Windsor Country Club and so far they have three children between them.

Mercy is a daughter of one of Nganga’s church members. He married her after his first wife passed on.

He has over 70 kids

Nganga has sensationally revealed that he has over 70 children with many women. He gave a breakdown of how the kids are distributed countrywide.

“In Ukambani alone I have sired 30 children. In Mombasa they are twenty something. I also have some kids in Murang’a and Nyandarua,” said the popular televangelist.

He asserts he is not the one to blame but the women. James Maina Nganga tried to marry some of the women but they refused.

“Another one left me when she was six months pregnant. She lied she was going to pick her clothes, but she never came back,” added Nganga in one of his most recent sermons. Have a look at the video below which was posted on BNN.

Would you believe him or he is just saying this for clout? Clout chasing has become very common in Kenya. Public figures spur controversy so that people can talk about them for a period.

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