Parents Cry Foul After Kenya High’s Latest Decision That Locks Out Poor Students

Kenya High is one of the best and top performing National Schools for girls. The school is located in Nairobi County and it has been on top for decades, producing the best brains and professionals in this country.

It is not easy to get a chance to study in that school because of the stiff competition among candidates to be admitted to that school. For you to qualify to be in that school you have to score at least 420 marks in your Kenya certificate of primary education (KCPE) and you must have selected it to be your first choice when choosing a school for your secondary education.

When your child gets a chance to be in Kenya high school, you will be assured that the girl will automatically qualify to join university. This is down to the culture of working hard in school that has been installed to the DNA of all the learners that have gone through this school and the sacrifices their teachers take to make sure every candidate passes.

This includes forgoing weekends and their sleep. They give up their social life to ensure your daughter achieves her dreams. Just like any other institution, the school management has decided to charge every parent 100k up from 54k that is supposed to be paid as fees in the National schools as prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

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The management decided to defy those orders and they have imposed that fee without the input of the affected parents and no reasons have been given for hiking the fees. They did not even consider lowering the fees as directed by the ministry now that the term will be shorter.

This means that poor students might not be able to join form one in that school because it is very difficult to raise that kind of money. Failing to report in school will mean they give up their chances to the rich kids that did not attain the highest grades required to qualify to be selected to Kenya High school.

This information was leaked by a concerned parent to Robert Alai to get the attention of the Ministry of Education to act on the impunity meted out on poor students.
Here is what he wrote to Alai;

Hello Robert,

There is gross injustice being perpetrated against poor parents at THE KENYA HIGH SCHOOL. The school unilaterally and without consulting the parents and in TOTAL disregard of the FEES GUIDELINES issued and gazetted by the government increased the fees unilaterally by almost double of the government prescribed fees.

The school is asking form ones parents to pay kshs 100,000 when the government prescribed fees is kshs 54,000 for all national schools. The government recently reduced fees by 9,000 because of the shortened or reduced duration of the terms occasioned by the reorganization of the terms because of the long COVID break.

The school is yet to pass this benefit to parents. Instead it is demanding more money from the parents majority of whom are reeling badly economically from the ravages of COVID. Now the school has gone ahead to subject children who can’t afford to pay the ILLEGAL unauthorized fees to mental and psychological torture by barring them from participating in exams and other educational activities.

The gazetted fees guidelines demand that for a school to charge any parent any amount above the gazetted fees it must get pre authorization form the ministry. The school has never tabled any authorization from the ministry to press any extra levy on parents.

In fact the guidelines are so categorical that even where schools get the authorization to levy parents any amount above the gazetted fees no students shall be sent away from school due to inability to pay such levies.

If action is not taken to enforce the fees guidelines KENYA HIGH SCHOOL risks being turned into an exclusive club for the children of the rich which will exclude many bright children from the disadvantaged backgrounds from accessing and participating in education at this prime PUBLIC utility / school. Thanks in advance

A disturbed parent.

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