Otile Brown Manager Reveals the People behind Top Missing Videos

Jacob Obunga, better known by his stage name Otile Brown is one of the most followed Kenyan music artistes. His music appeals to masses, making him one of the most sought after musicians in Kenya. His unique sense of style also appeals to ladies who love him so much.

The 27-year-old bachelor woke up a few days ago to the worst news any artiste could dream of. I had deleted his most popular songs from YouTube. Dusuma, which was his most watched video with over 30 million views, was brought down.

So was ‘Chaguo La Moyo’, a song that he had done in collaboration with Sanaipei Tande. He lost a total of more than 180 million views from the deletion.

YouTuber Eve Mungai caught up with Otile Brown’s manager, Noriega, who shed some light on what transpired. Noriega revealed that he was on a phone call with Otile Brown when the drama unfolded.

“Our social media team discovered earlier and posted on our group. But unfortunately, I was on a long phone call with OB who is in South Africa as we speak. After we hang up, he called shortly after to tell me that our top songs were missing,” said Noriega in an interview with Eve Mungai.


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Apparently, they know the people behind the whole saga. But they have decided to seek legal redress.

“We know the people behind this. They will never do this to anyone after we’re done with them. Unfortunately, they have access to Otile Brown’s YouTube account and that is how they were able to do the damage,” He added.

It is definitely a step in the wrong direction for Otile’s brand. He is one guy that is not into legal tussles. The manager also revealed that they were about to drop another video.

So many top artistes have lost their top videos from YouTube under unclear circumstances. Willis Raburu, Nadia Mukami and Ringtone are some of the victims. It is however not clear whether the videos from different artistes were deleted by the same people.

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