Oscar Sudi’s Handwriting Is The Talk Of Town After This Emerged

Oscar Sudi handwriting

Oscar Sudi’s handwriting is the talk of town after it emerged in a document circulating online.

It is a petition signed by members of parliament to impeach the interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i.

92 members of parliament, mostly drawn from the hustler nation faction, signed the document.

These honorable members of parliament are ardent supporters of the deputy president and have a bone to chew with Matiang’i.

According to the petition, Fred Matiang’i has failed to protect the lives of Kenyans.

They feel he has contravened chapter 6 of the constitution on leadership and integrity.

Nyali member of parliament Mohammed Ali is the one sponsoring the motion in parliament.

He yesterday tabled the notice to impeach Matiang’i on the floor of the house.


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Mohammed Ali hopes he will convince two-thirds of the members to vote to impeach the powerful cabinet secretary.

This is not the first time Mohammed Ali has tried to impeach a cabinet secretary.

He tried to impeach the transport cabinet secretary James Macharia because of the Naivasha dry port, but the motion flopped.

Motions like those rarely succeed because of the partisan politics and members of parliament vote along party lines.

They don’t consider the merit of the motion and to them it is a political contest that they need to win, no matter how crucial the motion is.

In the petition signed by 92 members of parliament, Oscar Sudi shocked Kenyans with his poor handwriting.

Oscar Sudi is the member of parliament for Kapsaret. For a very long time, rival politicians have taunted Oscar Sudi as an academic dwarf.

His hand writing helped matters and only fueled rumors he is a class 3 drop out.

He could not properly and clearly write his name. Kenyans on social media are having a field day mocking him.

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