Omosh’s First Wife Shamelessly Pleads With Kenyans To Help Them Build Another House

Joseph Kinuthia, popularly known as Omosh, is a Kenyan actor that has ruined his life because of his love for the bottle. The funny actor is a brother to the legendary scriptwriter and actor, Naomi Kamau.

He is struggling with alcoholism and despite spending thousands of shillings in a rehabilitation center courtesy of his siblings, Omosh is back to drinking again.

The former Tahidi high actor is married to two women and life has not been kind to them because he has used all his savings to remain high. Kenyans came to his rescue when a video of him appeared online.

He looked wasted and the sight of him crying uncontrollably while appealing for help from Kenyans touched the hearts of his fans and well-wishers who decided to help him

Kenyans helped to build Omosh a well-furnished and modern 3 bedroom house. Omosh was handed over the keys by Jalang’o and Linet Kathambi of Sung Timber.

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The comedian moved in a few weeks ago and looks like his first wife popularly known as Mrs. Ngatia is not happy with that decision after Omosh moved in with the second wife and left her out of the help that was given by well-wishers.

Omosh seems to be enjoying his life with his second wife while his first wife is suffering without money to buy food or pay rent.
She lives in a bedsitter in Kayole with her 3 children and has not paid rent for 2 months now and she fears that she might be thrown out.

Driven by frustration and hunger, Mrs. Ngatia has shamelessly appealed to Kenyans to help her build her own house because channeling help through her husband Omosh is not wise because the man has not been sharing the money with his first wife and children.

It is still early to predict how Kenyans will respond to Mrs. Ngatia’s plea but only time will tell if that help she is asking will come by.

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